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There was once a very creative “brown guy” who worked in a very dark dark office. He wasn’t odd though, his boss was just mean and refused to allow him to turn on any lights. After programming his fingers to bloody stumps he decided to take 5 and check out his favorite photography blog. (yeah like you’ve never done that at work before!) On this day the blog was all about how big things start from little beginnings. The author continued on into how he got his start into photography as well.

Typing back and forth to his virtual friend Robin (http://www.robinhakanenmartio.com/), who says he lives in Sweden, but who really knows, the “brown guy” decided to give this photography thing more serious attention. The “brown guy” asked Santa for a new camera for Christmas.

Having studied Art in high school and in more detail at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he had never really given photography any serious thought beyond a means of capturing reference material for his paintings. It didn’t take the “brown guy” long to realize this was very fun stuff. He began shooting everyone and everything settling more into portraits. A camera and lens upgrade later and he was ready to shoot in the big leagues, however his family and friends had been shot to pieces. He need to look outside his comfort zone and ask other people to pose.

Fueled by coffee, a halfmoon cookie and encouragement from his virtual friend he decided to take a leap and ask a few of his co-workers to pose in hopes of adding material to his tiny portfolio. One of his coworkers a “front desk chick” wasn’t hideous. In fact, she was very nice. He figured she was probably too nice to even say no. After explaining his awkward situation and her not being hideous, she began to tell him that she was a photographer too! She was actually considering doing some modeling and she had just graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2010 with a BFA in Advertising Photography. The “front desk chick” and “brown guy” continued to shoot and talk until they were approached with multiple photographic opportunities. One of them had the bright idea to combine forces and form a small company where they could continue to take assignments like weddings and senior portraits and modeling shoots.“We creative types should stick together!” and that’s how this whole thing has snowballed.

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I was always interested in photography, but it wasn’t until my senior year in high school when I realized and understood what photography actually consisted of. There is a lot more to aiming the camera at something and snapping a picture, although I wish it were that easy! Not only did the black and white photography course teach me the basics of photography, but it made me want to pursue a career in the photography field. I majored in advertising photography and graduated from RIT with a Bachelor Degree in Professional Photographic Illustration.




He used to play bass now plays guitar! 😉

Seriously I should Contact these guys…